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Anna Maria Galoian

Anna Maria Galojan as they put it, half Armenians, half Estonian politician from Estonia who in Spanish internet poll of  the world’s most sexy female politicians got the 6-th place…


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  1. Anna-Maria Galojan is being prosecuted in Estonia just because she denounced the lack of freedom of speech that suffers the country. For that, the Estonian government wants her in jail. And the Estonian people dislikes her because she’s 1/2 Armenian, and succesful! Finnish journalist Leena Hietanen has pointed out that “we, estonians don’t like russians. Well, we also don’t like other nationalities, like armenians. Anna-Maria is armenian and i think that’s one of the reasons why she was attacked so viciously. Because, lets be honest, she is not ‘one of us’.”
    Please, support Anna-Maria Galojan!

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    tnx for info!!

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