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Armenian American Model

Armenian model born in LA,California

Amber Asdourian

Red head, green eyes…

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  1. She’s not Armenian

    • You have problems reading her typical Armenian last name? Being born outside of Armenia doesn’t take away anyone ethnicity

  2. You’re basing your assumption solely on her name. What a terrible post… She’s not Armenian.

    • lol last name is enough to realise who the person is, unless she is married to an Armenian, but she is single.

  3. why people hate Armenians so much that everytime they have to say that real Armenian is not Armenian, what is that all about???..I’m tired that we are discriminated all the time, just because they see a pretty Armenian girl they say that she’s not Armenian, look up the history of Armenians, aryan race white, blue eyes!!!lI feel ike it’s a joke they make constantly, like Armenian websites are lying and putting up wrong information. I get that a lot too that’s why I’m tired of it, I’m proud to be an Armenian!!! Amber is pure Armenian, and you people get a life.

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  5. She isn’t Armenian. I know her.

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