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Armenian and Ethiopian Alphabets

Mesrop Mashtots didn’t “create” the Armenian alphabet. He simply rearranged it. The Armenian alphabet has been around for millenia. Armenia has been on this earth since time immemorial.
During the reign of Tigran the Great, Armenia owned lands from Northern Africa, including Ethiopia, all the way to modern day China. This would explain Armenia’s influence on the Ethiopian alphabet and religion. Armenia has supplied numerous countries and people with civilization and culture…


More achievements of Armenians in Ethiopia incude also:

invention of Ethiopian anthem

and more…




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  1. people please read history before you write or say something . Ethiopia has its own written languages before most Europeans let alone Armenia no insult intended.As to our orthodox religion , even Mohamed the prophet has said enough in the quran let alone two thousand years of written history.The Armenians came to Ethiopia in numbers less than a hundred ago period .we are still brothers though.

    • style-am said:

      Most Europeans got their writings much later Armenia anyway lol…It is considered that Armenian alphabet was invented in 405 AD but in fact Mesrop Mashtoc only reconstructed existing alphabet the proof of which is all over the rocks…
      And Armenians are the nation mentioned in Sumerian,Hittite and Akkadian inscriptions…

      But you talk about Quran.I thought Ethiopians are Christians.Ethiopia is one of the nations which adopted Christianity right after Armenia, now not all Ethiopians are Christians?

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