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American Actor

American actor of Armenian origin Antony Hagopian

Gabrielle Dakessian ;-)

Armenian contribution to the USA…


В самые тяжелые годы Второй мировой войны в рядах 10-миллионной армии США, бок о бок с другими американскими воинами, во всех видах вооруженных сил (пехота, военно-воздушные и военно-морские силы), во всех военных действиях (азиатско-тихоокеанские, евро-афро-ближневосточные, в иностранных боевых подразделениях) служили более чем 20 000 американских армян (в 1940г. в Соединенных Штатах проживало более 200 000 армян). Большая их часть вернулась с победой, но немало было и геройски погибших (около 500 человек), раненых (более 500) и без вести пропавших (около 50 человек).

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Glenna  Gasparian is a  young Armenian song writer from LA,CA

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Armenian girls in California…

They are all so cute, aren’t they?

Armenia Youth Programs Coordinator Hermine Duzian tours AGBU’s schools in Southern California, explaining the wealth of new programs created by the organization to allow Armenian diasporan youth the opportunity to connect with their cultural heritage and peers from around the world.

Danny Tarkanian

The biggest wave of Armenians in America happened after the Genocide and they mostly settled in Boston and New York.  After some time getting together with some 10% of Armenians who had arrived to America earlier they started busineeses in New York while others  got engaged within New England factories. Very soon using their famous entrepreneurial backgrounds and multilingual skills, being very hardowrking, clever and talanted they  progressed and prospered in all fields. One of the fields they completely dominated was lucrative oriental carpet business for which they got distorted reputation of “rug  merchants”

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