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The Armenians in Argentina are ethnic Armenians who live in Argentina. In South America the largest population of Armenians is in Argentina where some 130,000 Armenians live . The core of the population came from Cilicia, Syria and Lebanon. In Buenos Aires, the Armenian community is known to share their common culture with the Basque community through musical events and cultural activities.

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Janos Czetz (Tzetzian) was one of three Armenian Generals In the historic Hungarian war of independence against Austrian rule. Two were executed (The 13 Martyrs of Arad) while Czetz managed to escape to Argentina where he founded that nation’s military academy.

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We are talking  about Argentinian Armenian lady, Alicia Ghiragossián. Her parents escaped the genocide in Western Armenia (Turkey now)  and ended up in Argentina where Alicia was born. Now she lives in the USA. In history of literature there are only a few  authours who write in  more than one language and  Mrs Ghiragossian is one of them. And perhaps Alicia is the only poet in the world who writes in 3 languages: Armenian, Spanish and English.

Add to that the fact that Alicia Ghiragossián is the only living poet whose work has been illustrated by the legendary Pablo Picasso to realise we are talking about a great Armenian lady ;-)

With Ted Kennedy

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I didn’t know about Pedro Mouratian from Argentina. But now thanks to Turks creating a fake account on him and naming him a “terrorist” I know about another great Armenian from Diaspora! ;-)

Pedro Mouratian, Vice President of the National Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia, and Racism.

Since Argentina unanimously recognised Armenain Genocide it makes it clear why Turks are after him, hmmm….

This is for the first time when hot and sexy Armenian (Argentinian Armenian) sportman goes nude in Dieux du Satde.

Juan Martin Berberian, Argentina.

I had a long thought to publish all available  nude photos of him or not and then decided to throw out of the window the last drops of  shyness; -)) I wonder if I have any gay readers or only women can appreciate a beautiful  body of a man…

Armenian guys should train more, not that everyone should go naked then ;-)

Warning, take the kids away from the screens, content over 18! ;-))

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