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Teni Panosian splits her professional time between being an actor and running her own business, an online lifestyle guide for women called She has a true love for animals,and she volunteers to help rescue groups find homes for LA Coun…ty shelter dogs and raise awareness about the treatment of animals. She has a bachelor’s degree from USC and a Master’s degree in Communication Management, also from USC. Teni said “For me, true beauty is not just about looking good, it’s more about showing kindness to others and setting an example for what a strong, intelligent woman should be. And most importantly, being humble!!” This beauty knows what she’s talking about!

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We all share information and we all find something new at different websites. I have seen many pictures from my blog in other blogs. And we actually all know when we find something  new that nobbody has written about before. I paid attention at the  four aerticles on Yerevan Magazine cover and I bet two articles are written on the info  taken from my  blog! ;)

This is about Alexandra Avakian who has never been linked to her Armenianess  before.  And this info I stumbled upon about Patricia Field earlier…Yeah, my blog is becoming more and more popular. Follow it and I will bring more unknown talanted Armenain names to shine even brighter! he he ;-))

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Marie Laforêt, born Maïténa Doumenach to Armenian parents on 5 October 1939 in Soulac-sur-Mer, Gironde, is a French singer and actress.

Божественная Благороднaя красота

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