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Emmy Lost At ESC

Well, next time send someone who can actually sing ;-) But she looks good here…)

El Style

Armenian reppresentative of ESC this year. Emmy.

Art director & stylist: Ani Galstyan
Photographer: Artur Hovakimyan
Retouch: Aram Azaryan (Indigo)
Dress: Arevik Simonyan (kiverA naynomiS)
Make up artist: Hranush Yeghoyan (Make Up Studio)
Hairdresser: Serj Haroutyunyan

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This is one of four possible songs that Emmy will perform at Eurovision 2011. The song is called “Ayo” which means “Yes” in Armenian.

Passed Away

Sad news. Last night at 04:00   passed away  sculptor and musician David Bejanyan whom society  knows also as the father of Emmy, singer who is going to represent Armenia at  Eurovision.  Talented sculptor’s  works are located in different cities of the world: One of his most famous works is  Arno Statue : Let us recall that a month ago, Emmy’s parents were in a car accident, as a result were unable to attend their daughter’s concert.

What else can be said about this? She should change her flag to American one, or any African one. This cannot and should not go under Armenian flag. I am not going to support Armenian entry this year since there isn’t  nothing Armenian about it.

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Emmy is going to  represent  Armenia in ESC 2011…

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Почему игнорируется глас народа? То бишь, мой?

What do they have in common? “Nothing”, you will answer and you will be wrong. All 3 never responded to my messages to them, private or public. Emmy was the best. She went so far as to delete it, or whoever works there  for her. My questions was not a difficult one to answer to but I guess uncomfortable one…I asked if rumors about  Afro-American composer of her Eurovision song  were true.  Can anyone  explain to me why nation whose composers’ write world masterpieces has to hire foreigners to represent Armenia and Armenians?

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I wonder what Emmy does more now, getting ready for Eurovision, looking for composer, lyrics or taking professional pictures, her days are busy ;-)

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Emmy published a poster confirming she is our next year’s  participant of ESC…

Pay attention how she has number 1 in the word Armen1a…That’s good,creative!

Photography. Emmy

Armenian singer Emmy…

Emmy was  Eva Rivas’s rival at the Eurovision contest in Armenia which left her quite bitter since she, her mother, Mihran and co. believe  they should have won.

Thanks  to  one of my constant readers Artak for  showing me this photo ;-)

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