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Nazeni Hovhannisyan is one of the most searched Armenains online. She doesn;t have any porno photos but what surprises me people always put the word “porno” next to her name in the hope somewhere it might come out lol


Armenian Celebs

Nazeni Hovhannisyan

Photos by Arthur Lumen Gevorgyan

Nazeni Hovhannisyan

Здесь Назени похожа на Снежную  Королеву.

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Nazeni Hovhannisyan lost her position to another Armenian beauty…

Actually she lost it to two  beauties: Sofya Poghosyan and our new winner

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Photo by Artashes Martirosyan

Every time I look at Nazeni Hovhannisyan the word “posh” comes to my mind…

I know many people are searching for “Nazeni Hovhannisyan porno” or “Nazeni Hovhannisyan nude”.

Guys, I am afraid this is the only porno  or  nude you are going to get from this Armenian beauty ;-))

Armenian actress, presenter and anything in between ;-)

Regardless how people treat her she is posh, you can’t deny it! ;-)

More, and she has a good taste…

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