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Вам нравится? Мне тоже ;-) И почему меня в последнее время все время тянет на ню арт? И почему это самое ко мне вообще липнет? ;-))

Armenian painter  Alexander Sadoyan resides in LA, CA…

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Nude Photography

This is very different from previous

nude photos

Very beautiful as well but  with some pain for me, don’t know why it feels like that…

Photos by Ruben Hovannisyan


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Nude  Art by Artashes  Martirosyan. You might also want to  refresh your memory with the previous photos of this great Armenian photographer ;-)


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Karina Sarkisova. It seems her  last names goes both ways, Sarkisova  and  Sarkissova. Sarkisova is a russified version of Armenian  surname Sarkisyan.  A couple of days ago I put up one of her nude pictures because of which she got  dissmised from Austrain Ballet and a young Armenia boy ( I guess he is a teenager) sounded  quite dissapointed, he was looking for harsher pictures of Karina,porn photos.  Don’t know why the word “nude” gets confused with “porn”. I can understand some people are not happy for any Armenian girl to  show her body but that is how cookie crumbles, guys. This is an art, not naked pictures, not porn (!) but a beautiful art of beautiful body, nude art.  And photographer has done a great job. It only shows one can be naked but still stylish.

And if you have missed her first picture  click here, and also  keep an eye on the next  one to come soon! ;-)

«Wiener sex» photosession

New project by Armenian photographer Artashes Martirosyan “Dialogue”. He is most famous in Yerevan for his nude photography projects.

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