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Udin People of Caucasian Albania

These people are listed as “Azerbaijanis”, “Azeris” while they are pure Udis.

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  1. ARyan-Kavkas HAYaser said:

    who and what the hell is a UDIN???
    I never heard of this people

    • That’s because you’re a moron show some respect idiot!

    • style-am said:

      Why are you so rue to everyone, so called Hayaser???

      Udins are indigeneous people of Caucasian Albania, now called Azerbaijan, they belong to Armenian Apostolic Church and have been genocided by Azery Turks.

  2. assadour said:

    The azeri depending on which video’s they are on, claim they are Turks, then in other videos claim they are Iranian, then again on some videos say they are decendannts of Christian Albanians.
    They seem to confuse themselves more than anything, this type of behaviour is typical from people with no real culture, past or history.
    The turks azeris, even changed their alphabet to get some identity, unlike Armenians our culture, language, is since 3000 yeas ago not 150.

    I hope that’s not rue style-am :)

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